Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) Training in Qatar

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning technicians provide you with the luxury of temperature comfort in your home, business or entertainment venue. Experts on furnaces, air conditioners, hot water systems and refrigeration systems, they provide you with everything you need, heat in the winter, cool air in the summer, hot water in your bubble bath, and fresh food on your plate.


The core curriculum of the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Techniques (HVAC) program is standardised and as a trainee in this program you will focus on hands-on laboratories featuring a variety of equipment: small room air conditioners, central air conditioning units, commercial freezers, refrigerators, and heating technologies. The curriculum includes courses in safety, design and energy management that will prepare you for the ever-expanding industry.

Course Curriculum


  • Introduction to HVAC design, Importance & Application of HVAC
  • Standards & Codes used in HVAC
  • Physics in HVAC- Heat, Units conversion, Enthalpy, Relative humidity, Ton of Refrigeration
  • Sensible and Latent Heat
  • Modes of Heat Transfer (Conduction, convection & Radiation)
  • Psychometric chart and its usage
  • Refrigeration system process or refrigeration cycle



  • Classification & Categories of Air Conditioning System
  • Split Air Conditioning, Window Air Conditioning system, Casette, VAV, FCU, Free stand Units
  • Ductable Split Air Conditioning system, Package Units, AHU, FAHU, Chiller system
  • Refrigerants
  • Local & international codes requirements in the design



  • Duct Materials, insulations, Duct Fabrication ideas
  • Pittsburg Seam & site installation requirements
  • Duct Design – Equal Friction Methods, constant velocity method
  • Aspect Ratio & duct sizing
  • Duct materials selection, gauges selection
  • Mcquay Duct sizer software
  • ESP Calculations
  • Sample project



  • Chilled water system design, classification of Piping
  • Material selection for pipes & fittings
  • Arrangement of system-Direct supply direct return & Direct supply reverse return
  • Study of primary, secondary pumps & pumps selection
  • Pump Head calculation
  • Pipes sizing using Velocity method, velocity & friction method
  • Pipes sizing using McQuay Pipe sizer
  • Sample project & selection of chillers



  • Duct accessories- Volume control damper, MSFD, Smoke damper, sound attenuators, etc
  • Acoustic insulation, Plenum box design
  • Selection of sand trap louvers, air terminals (Square diffusers, linear slot diffusers, disc valve, etc)
  • Chilled water accessories- Types of valves in the system (Gate Valve, Buttefly valves, etc)
  • Two Way valves, three way valves, PICV, drain valves, test plugs, etc



  • Toilet exhaust ventilation system
  • Car parking ventilation system
  • Kitchen ventilation system
  • Fresh & exhaust air ventilation system
  • Staircase pressurization systems
  • Positive & negative ventilation concept for fire pump room, generator room, etc
  • Selection of ecology units
  • Exhaust fans selections



  • Equipment selection
  • Split units window units
  • Fan coil units
  • Package units
  • Air Handling Units
  • Chillers
  • Selection of grille, Diffuser, disc valve



  • Basics of HAP software
  • Thumb rules for heat load calculations
  • COP, EER values
  • Heat load calculation using E20 excel sheet
  • U-Value selection
  • HAP Software workout
  • Sample project
  • Air balancing methods

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