AACEI’s Planning & Scheduling Professional (PSP)

AACEI's Planning & Scheduling Professional (PSP)

We are offering Planning and Scheduling Professional (PSP) Exam Preparation course for project planners, planning engineers, planning managers, project engineers, etc.,


AACE International’s Planning & Scheduling Professional (PSP) certification program is designed to establish credentials for the Planning & Scheduling Professional. This certification gives professionals a means to validate skills & Knowledge.


PSP certification will distinguish you as a Planning & Scheduling Professional who has the knowledge and skills that impact the bottom line. AACE’s PSP certification provides an exam and experience validation that lets employers identify those who meet the program’s competency standard.

Course Curriculum

The course content will discuss the below topics within 7 Major Sections,

  1. Planning Concepts/Techniques
  2. Scheduling Development/Techniques
  3. Memorandum/Letter Writing
  4. Delay Analysis
  5. Stakeholder Analysis
  6. Network Diagram Analysis
  7. Risk Analysis


30 hours of intensive and interactive sessions, we are going to cover the following topics below. The construction industry is a heterogeneous mix of companies ranging in size from large operations to one-person operations. No matter the size, construction companies face similar situations and, to some degree, similar pressures.


Planning is an important management function and its effective execution is a condition precedent for successful project outcomes. This entire training session addresses operational rather than strategic aspects by covering the entire range of topics given below for your perusal,


  • Contract Documents
  • Contract Specifications
  • Shop Drawings
  • Long-Lead Items Purchase Orders
  • Legal Aspects of the Project Schedule
  • Outside Delays
  • Legal Notices
  • Production Planning Overview
  • Scheduling Fundamentals
  • Progress Schedule Regimentation
  • Project Pre-con Meeting
  • Bid Award Prior to Commencement
  • Shop Drawings Log
  • Transmittal
  • Project Schedule Planning
  • Activity Arrows
  • Dummy Arrows
  • I-J Numbers
  • Milestones
  • Job Logic
  • Logic Loops
  • Program Logic
  • Logic-Based Scheduling
  • Types and Uses of Float
  • Constraints
  • Float Example
  • Phase Scheduling
  • Multiple Critical Paths
  • Bar Charts
  • S-Curve Charts
  • CPM Versus Bar Chart Methods
  • Arrow Diagramming (ADM)
  • Precedence Diagramming (PDM)
  • ADM versus PDM
  • Activity-on-Node Format
  • Fast-Tracking
  • Design/Build
  • Fast-Track CPM
  • Cost-Loaded CPM
  • Resources
  • Distribution of resources
  • Resource leveling
  • Resource leveling performed by computers
  • Managing the labor resource
  • Managing materials
  • Managing plant and equipment
  • Delay versus Disruption
  • Responsibility/Types/Force Majeure
  • As-Planned Logic Network
  • As-Should-Have-Been CPM Network
  • As-Planned Schedule
  • As-Built Schedule
  • As-Built Logic Network
  • Causative Factors
  • As-Impacted Logic Network
  • As-Impacted Schedule
  • Time Impact Evaluations
  • Zeroing Out
  • Zeroing to a Collapsed As-Impacted Logic Network
  • Limitations of the TIE Methodology
  • Risk and uncertainty
  • Principles of risk management
  • Risk management plan

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